Our team

Jiajing Zhang | CEO

-Experience in new energy industry and capital market

-Worked in the Energy Division of DuPont (Hong Kong), responsible for overseas pv market (7 years)

-Executive Director of Investment Banking Department of Shengang Securities. Executive Director, Investment Banking Financing Department, Yongxing Securities.


Chenqiang (Doctor) | Vice President PCS

-Responsible for the development of several photovoltaic power station energy storage projects, user-side energy storage projects and microgrid projects

-Published more than 10 papers (8 papers included in SCI/EI) and a number of authorized patents

-Engineer of no.14 Institute of Electrical Engineering Group and general manager of Fengguyuan


Weifeng Zhang  | Vice President BMS

-Master degree in Electronics, Peking University

-Worked for Alcatel, was responsible for software development, hardware development and chip design

-Deputy director of Shilan Microelectronics Research Institute and presided over a number of national projects

-Founded Qual Technology to develop and produce BMS and vehicle controllers for electric vehicles


Lizhou | EMS Director

-11 years experience in software engineering

-Software engineer in Kelide Software Co., LTD., and participated in the development of navigation software

-Information technology support engineer of Watang, and participated in the technical support of CodeTest embedded system test tool of AMC


Weiqiang Tian| CTO

-11-year-experience in new energy storage industry, with professional and efficient system integration and product development abilities

-Deputy director of R&D of Jiangsu Fengguyuan Institute Co., LTD

-Chief designer of BMS and charging pile of Jiayu New Energy Technology Co., LTD

-Main designer of grid-connected inverter Guanya Power Equipment Co., LTD


Liufei| Production Director

-6 years of energy storage technology experience in the new energy industry, and participated in more than 400MWh energy storage projects

-R&D technical director of Jiangsu Taiba Power Supply Co., LTD.

-Technical manager of Fengguyuan, responsible for the structural design and technical management of energy storage products