Energy storage equipment manufacturer

Shenzhen Reliance Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in battery Energy Storage product development, integrated design and production. The core team of the company has (over 25) years of experience in the energy storage industry, leading in development and product design, delivery of multiple energy storage projects with technical strength covering software and hardware design. 

The main products of the company are:

1. Large lithium battery energy storage system including: low voltage lithium battery packs, high voltage lithium battery packs, high voltage control boxes and container lithium electric energy storage systems.

2. Household, industrial and commercial lithium battery energy storage systems including: household off-grid energy storage system, industrial and commercial energy storage system, portable energy storage products and mobile energy storage vehicles.

3. Energy storage system integration services, provide customers with efficient and stable overall energy storage solutions, and provide energy optimization services for new energy power stations, microgrids, industrial parks, industry and commerce.

Shenzhen Reliance Energy Storage Technology Co.,Ltd. won the 2020CICS Best System Integration Solution Enterprise Award